Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tanya. I’m a mom, wife, attorney, and now I will call myself a blogger. I can be anything I want to be, right?

I wish I could write a touching story about growing up in the kitchen and helping my mother create delicious family meals but that would be a lie. I avoided the kitchen the majority of my life…I just had no interest in home cooked meals. My love for food and recipe developing started in 2012 when I came across a book that taught me how to scramble eggs. I went from a person who cooked the eggs too long and made them taste like cardboard to a person who still cooks the eggs too long and they still taste like cardboard. (So, I haven’t mastered the scrambled egg thing yet). That one cook book purchase turned into a collection of 50+ cookbooks and an obsession to the many food blogs in existence. Now I find myself meal planning and finding new recipes in the little free time that I have.

I have learned a lot over the years. I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge, meals and yummy yums I create in the kitchen. I also get to use the fancy camera I purchased years ago and hardly used. That is a story for another day. Here is where I’ll share my recipes and adaptations of recipes I may stumble upon.If you are looking for extravagant recipes than this may not be the place to look. My focus in the kitchen is to create easy, budget friendly and family friendly meals. Feel free to try any of the recipes and adapt as you choose. Happy Cooking and Baking 🙂

P.S. If anyone has any tips on how to make the perfect scrambled egg, please share 🙂

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